Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Go!

As spring rolls in, so do various homeschooling organization's conventions. These conventions are a homeschooling mom's dream come true. All by itself, the vendor hall is worth the trip. There are books, books and more books almost as far as the eye can see. Aside from the books you can hear talks from veteran homeschoolers with a wealth of information. These talks encourage every member of the family. Many are geared toward biblical child rearing, to husbands encouraging their wives, to curriculum discussions and on and on. My family has attended several conventions and we always come home excited and reinvigorated. It is like a battery recharge in the spring, after a draining from the past year. I encourage you to set aside the weekend of your state convention. This year NH's convention is May 27 & 28.
I was happy to hear that their keynote speakers this year are the Mally family. We met them at the MASS hope convention and they are just delightful.
They are two sisters and a brother who have written a book entitled; Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. It is a hilarious, truthful, and very biblical story about their family and striving to be best friends with each other. They encourage families to choose being best friends with their siblings, and parents. They will be giving a talk on this along with many other helpful talks for young people and their parents. I encourage you to set the time aside to go to a convention. I guarantee that it will be a blessing! When you get together with like minded folks who want to raise and teach their children for the Lord, it is just an awesome experience. Please check into going. If you can go as a couple it's wonderful to get away. It is also fun to go as a family. My children always loved it when we took them along. Just go, and have fun!


  1. I for one have appreciated all of your homeschooling help. It is such a blessing to have dear friends who can help and encourage each other along the way. Our homeschooling year has been such a wonderful change this year and I appreciate all your wisdom last year in helping me make the move to a "living book" style of learning. Our homeschool is now a fun, warm place to be. PS: I love your new blog.

  2. Thanks Karen,
    I'll be looking for some of your wisdom to share too!