Saturday, March 12, 2011

An "Ah Ha" Moment

Have you ever seen your child's expression when something finally clicks in their brain? For me, this is one of the most rewarding parts of home education. When we first started homeschooling I was viewing the teacher's video for our math curriculum. The instructor explained that you shouldn't move on to the next chapter unless your child fully understood what they were doing. He called this the "Ah Ha" moment. This is when you just know they really get it. But not only that, their eye's light up, their voices speed up in a higher pitch, and they emphatically proclaim, "I get it!" You can almost see a light bulb light up over their excited little heads. The reason I find this so wonderful is because this is not how it is in school. My experience in public school was that if you didn't get it you were simply left behind. This is the beauty of home education. You can move at the pace necessary for your student. The one on one tutoring type of teaching allows the child to progress at their own speed and then they really begin to excel. Soon you will know your child's strengths and weaknesses and you can work on what really needs attention. This also helps to guide that child onto the path of their God given talents. I hope you are getting to enjoy many "Ah Ha" moments with your children.

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