Monday, March 7, 2011

The Early Years, Reading

If you love to read to your children you are well on your way to creating the habit of the love of reading in your children. We started reading to our children many times each day when they were old enough to sit on our laps and look at the pictures. In our first years of homeschooling I read aloud every day as well. Mostly I chose to read historical stories, biographies, or historical fiction. Landmark books were wonderful for these young listeners. We read about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers and many more famous people. Besides history I also loved to read character building types of stories. These were always Christian books that used Bible precepts to reinforce important qualities that Christian children should have. One of our very favorite series was "The Miller's" by Mildred A. Martin. These are the titles we read; Wisdom and the Millers Proverbs for Children, Prudence and the Millers, School Days with the Millers and Missionary Stories with the Millers. All of the these books were huge hits with my youngsters, and were requested by them over and over again. This little series of books is in my "keepers" shelf of the bookshelf. Even now they are pulled out and reread by some of my children just because they were so loved. As I was saying, if you read to your children, they will grow to love reading themselves. We used to take weekly trips to the library, but as our own home library grew, our trips grew less. Building a library of wholesome books is so easy with the many homeschooling resources available through homeschooling catalogs or online stores. Now that my children are older they do have a love of reading. My daughter loves the old classics and has started a "Lamplighter" collection. My youngest son loves adventure and poetry and my oldest son loves to read informative books that help him to improve his understanding in his field of work. It is very exciting to see these fruits so many years later. I still enjoy reading aloud to my family and they also enjoy listening even now that they are almost grown.

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