Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enjoying a Break

I like to take the summer off from homeschooling.  Mostly because we all need the break, but also because it's a time to ponder what to do next.  I don't use the same curriculum year after year for the most part.  Our math does stays  pretty much the same and our science text is usually Apologia, at least in high school. During the summer I love to pour over the homeschool catalogs and think about trying new things for the upcoming year.   In my recent browsing I came upon the Beautiful Feet study entitled:  A History of Science; A Literature Based Introduction to Scientific Principles and their Discoverers.  By Rebecca Manor.   I have wanted to do this study for years and decided that with just one student left we are going to do it.  Although it is a little on the younger side, (I don't let this deter me, it's still challenging)  I am thinking of ways to make it work for my 9th grader without any problem.  I am looking forward to getting off our normal track with this change.  It will only take a few months to do and then it's back to Apologia again.  It seems like it will be a fun adventure to study more in depth, about the godly men who became such famous scientists because of their great discoveries.  Especially with today's idea of what makes someone a "scientist".  These men were truly intelligent men who knew that a Creator was responsible for all the wonders of the universe.  It should be an enjoyable study.

  Happy vacation if you are taking one.  Happy homeschooling if you are not.


  1. I'm glad you're jumping into a little fun for the upcoming school year.

    Although we'll just be getting started pretty soon here with home schooling, I tend to think that we'll take the summer off as well.

    Enjoy your break and have fun looking through the catalogs!

  2. Thanks Stacie,
    Enjoy your summer too!

  3. We too, like to take summer off! We didnt always do that! Youre blog is beautiful. It is so nice to meet you! God bless~

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm glad to meet you as well. Blessings