Friday, September 2, 2011

The Little Desk

I love to look back at pictures from our homeschooling years.  They are pictures of the children doing school work or projects or field trips or family vacations.  I came across this picture of my youngest son when he was six years old.  He was sitting in the little blue desk that had been fixed up by my husband when we first started our homeschooling journey.  Prior to Matthew using the desk it was used by his older sister Holly when she started first grade at home.  We kept that desk in the corner of our dining room for ten years.  Even after it was well out grown.  I have to admit it was hard to put it away when the time came.  But I really had to have the space back in the dining room because we purchased a large computer desk at a yard sale and it took up so much space that the little desk needed to be retired.   I had a yard sale this summer and eyed the little desk.  It is sitting in our cellar with a few boxes piled on top of it.  However, I just couldn't part with it.  Somehow I'm too attached to the little blue desk.

It started out in our family long before we began homeschooling.  My husband's parents bought it for our oldest son, when he was seven, at a yard sale.  It was full of coloring books and crayons and it was in pretty bad shape.  Chris loved it though.  He had it in his room and soon filled it with his own treasures.  Once we decided to homeschool we knew it would make a nice little desk for our daughter.  It was just the right size for her, and Chris at that time was too big for it.  Bryan carried it down to the cellar, where we first planned our school room would be.  No, it was too cold and dark in the winter to be in the cellar so we moved our classroom to our sunny warm dining room.  I wasn't too thrilled that this little beat up desk would have to be a part of our dining room's decor so my loving husband said he would fix it up and make it more attractive.  He sanded and refinished the top and painted the ugly brown metal part a bright, pretty blue.  It looked much nicer in our dining room after it's make over.  Over the years it was filled with wonderful little books and journals, coloring pages, stories and illustrations by enthusiastic little authors.  It also held playmobiles, matchbox cars, paper dolls, rocks, leaves and anything that little student had as a treasure.

Time flew by and now, as I said, the little blue desk is no longer needed and is no longer part of the dining room decor.  The large computer desk sits there, being used by the little boy in the picture, now my high schooler, for his Algebra, Physical Science, World History, Grammar, French and all the supplies a ninth grader needs to succeed in school.  Where did the time go?

I miss the little blue desk.  And I think I might find a special spot for it sometime soon.  It holds many precious memories.   Maybe it could hold a pretty plant on my porch.

Happy Homeschooling!

Matthew and  his little blue desk.  2003

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  1. Too sweet!!!! Aww, things like this just tug at my heart. Time flies!