Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Leaves

This is the time of the year when I love to do fun art projects with leaves in my homeschool.  The beautiful colors are just too hard to resist.  Capturing the beauty of fall in New England has been one of my favorite things to do.  The children and I would take walks on a warm or chilly, as it may have been, sunny fall day.  We would gather up pretty fallen leaves in all the colors available, red, orange, yellow even a mixed colored leaf that had fallen but was still a bit green.   After finding a variety of leaves we'd return home with our treasures to make our  decorations.  By placing the leaves carefully on the sticky side of contact paper and sandwiching them between another piece of sticky contact paper we had beautiful leaves to hang in our windows that would stay pretty for weeks.   You can cut around each leaf or make a large collage of leaves.  Another way to enjoy them is to cut out a place mat sized piece of contact paper and make your display into a place mat to enjoy at each meal all autumn long.   We've also studied why the leaves change color, in our science class and read stories and poems about fall as well.  Bringing a bit of nature into our homes is a wonderful way to brighten up any homeschool.  I hope you get a chance to enjoy the blessings of God's changing seasons.  There is so much to learn about His creation, the possibilities are endless.  I know there are other ways to preserve the leaves in fall.  Maybe you'd like to share a leaf project too.   Happy Homeschooling~!


  1. Hey Jen!

    I love the fall. As a child I grew up in the midwest, and although the leaves turned brilliantly beautiful colors, it got so cold so quickly! :( But now that I live on the east coast, the weather is nicer longer and I love it!

    My kids and I tried to press some leaves today between 2 sheets of wax paper and it didn't work so well for us. (???) So, I think I'll go back to the contact paper. We made "suncatchers" using leaves and contact paper last year.

    Happy Fall!

  2. We used to try the wax paper as well. One thing that I found worked with that was to add a little bit of shaved crayon along with the leaves and then carefully iron under a towel. This made it pretty and helped to make them stick together. I found however, that the contact paper worked best. Have fun!