Sunday, January 29, 2012

Everyday Graces

    I recently purchased the book "Everyday Graces A Child's Book of Good Manners", Edited by Karen Santorum.  It is a lovely hard covered book with wonderful adaptions of children's classics to illustrate good manners.  I love this book because it is written for the same purposes that I always felt children's literature should be used for.  To teach good and to encourage  my children to understand the people in the stories and the character qualities that they exemplified.  Mrs. Santorum has done just that in this book.   She covers many different types of manners.  Here are a few chapter titles:  Good Manners at Home; Using Words, Wisely; Table Manners; Washing and Dressing; Appreciating People with Disabilities; Getting Along with Others; Good Manners in School; Good Sportsmanship; Writing Letters and Invitations; Church, Weddings and Funerals; Kindness Toward Animals; Respecting Our Country.  

     I laughed at the poem by Jack Prelutsky entitled; Why Do I Have to Clean My Room?  It might just fit around here. At the end of the poem, Mrs. Santorum explains in her motherly way, that once you were small and your parents took care of picking up your room, but now that you're older it's your responsibility.  The book is full of these types of antidotes.

    "Anne of Green Gables" is frequently used as a wonderful example of manner lessons.  We are "Anne" with an e, lovers in our home and know the story frontwards and backwards.  But I love how the lessons can be used from the story and the children relate so well to it as they can clearly see in Anne's behavior, good and bad.  A few other stories used in the book are "George Washington and the Cherry Tree",  "Alice in Wonderland",  "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse", "Robinson Crusoe", "The Secret Garden", "Squanto, the Pilgrim's Friend" and many more.  Also included are poems and quotes.  I have enjoyed reading through this and wish I'd had it on our library shelf when the kids were little.  It will be a fun reminder for them however, since most of the stories and poems are so familiar to us.  I hope you can pick it up and enjoy it as well.
Happy Homeschooling!


  1. I'm wondering if the editor of this book, Karen Santorum, is the wife of presidential hopeful, Rick Santorum? Did you know they are a homeschooling family with seven children? Wouldn't it be great to have a homeschooling family in the White House???


  2. Yes, I knew she was his wife and that they homeschool. We met them in January and really like them a lot! We hope Rick wins! I love how his family has been with him by his side and his children help with his campaign. Even if he doesn't win it's neat that a homeschooling family has gone this far. This is a post on meeting the Santorums.