Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Siblings Can be Best Friends

Product imageThis is a wonderful book and we are currently reading it for the third time.  If you want your children to grow closer to each other, you and the Lord this is one of the resources that will surely help.  Along with God's Word and a chapter of the Mally children's book, "Making Brother's and Sisters Best Friends", you'll have the ingredients that you need for a convicting daily family devotion.  I picked up this book at a homeschool convention about nine years ago.  It was convicting to my older children and now I'm enjoying rereading it again with my younger son.  It really helped my children evaluate their relationships with one another and they were drawn closer to one another through it.  It was like a miracle remedy!  They still had their ups and downs but things changed around home a lot.  My daughter was so convicted that she wrote a letter to Sarah Mally thanking her for the book.  When we saw the Mallys at a convention the following year a bought an extra copy and had Sarah sign it.  We gave it to our daughter as a surprise gift and she still treasures it today.  I can not speak highly enough of this book.  The key to it is this; glorify the Lord in how you treat one another.  "By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another" John 13:35.

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Happy Homeschooling!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

His Story

Throughout our homeschooling years we have focused on Providence in American history.  When we have looked back at Jamestown, Plymouth, the bullet proof George Washington, WWI and WWII and many more events in history we are constantly reminded of God's provisions and blessings on this country.  Even by studying  western civilization and the history that led up to the founding of America it just simply amazes me.  I am able to see the thread that came from the Garden of Eden up to the present time.  History is the most important subject that out children can learn.  I say this because it is His Story and there is nothing more important than that.  

Currently Matthew is studying  Medieval times.  There were so many interesting things that occurred during this period.  Some very interesting, some very sad, some very strange, at least to us in the twenty-first century.  I can tell when Matt thinks that it is sometimes also boring, but I remind him that each part of history is part of His Story and we need to place it into context of "Where have we been and how did we get where we are now?"  It is basically a world view training.  When history is ignored or revised the people become ignorant.  I can see this from my own experience.  I really didn't know history well at all before a began teaching it to my own children.  Now I feel so much more informed about life.  When people try to misdirect others all they have to do is remove history, or teach lies about it.  This is what has happened in the public schools.  Children are not taught the heritage of our country.  I don't simply mean George Washington or Paul Revere, but even the amazing history that led up to the reason why America was settled in the first place.  If they are taught anything at all it is how the white people came to oppress the Native Americans.  Or how people over the years have ruined the environment.

I hope that a strong back ground in history will create a love of it and will open many opportunities for my children throughout their life time.  Imagine the possibilities when a child gets excited about the invention of the printing press and how for the first time people could read the Bible in large, bold, beautifully decorated print for the first time in history.  Or how the Wright brothers built an airplane and flew it.  Or how Thomas Edison lit up America.  There is so much to spur on the excitement in a youngster when they are introduced to the wonderful world of history, or His Story because His love and providential hand prints are all over the past and the present and the future.  Teach history. Love history.  For it's His Story.

Happy homeschooling

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Little Hands

It's so nice to have children make their very own Valentine's cards for the people they love.  What can the littlest of children make when they are not yet capable of cutting or pasting for themselves?  Here is an easy project to do with any child, but very easy to do with the littlest in your home.  Simply trace the child's little hand on colorful paper, and cut the tracing out.  Then add a heart to the middle of the hand and add a special message.  Paste to a piece of paper folded into a card.  Embellish the card in beautiful Valentine's Day fashion.  Remember to put the child's name and date on the back so that it can be a momentum in years to come.  I have a few of these types of cards tucked away in baby books.  When I look back at them they bring such special memories to mind.  Of course this is very simple to do and will make a very special card for Daddy, Mommy or grandparents.  

Happy Homeschooling!   Happy Valentine's Day!