Monday, April 30, 2012


We have just returned from a terrific time at a local homeschool convention, MassHOPE.  We always enjoy this convention with its many fabulous workshops and venders.  This year was no exception and there were some new opportunities to check out.  This was the first year the convention included talks the night before the convention.   These were talks that were more for new to, or those exploring the possibility of homeschooling.  But even to me they were very encouraging.  They were a good reminder of why we chose to and are still home educating today.  This year we took Matt along with us.  Being his first year of high school we knew there would be many opportunities for him to explore a bit on his own, and could sit in on some very informative talks.  He was thrilled that his favorite math teacher, via DVD, would be one of the speakers.  Steve Demme has been a part of our schooling now for thirteen years, through his Math U See program.  I highly recommend this wonderful hands on math curriculum that begins at the very beginning and continues on through Calculus.  Matt loves math so this was a must go to workshop for him.  Mr. Demme gave his talk as if he were teaching a class.  Matt was called on to answer some math problems, which he was excited to have answered correctly.  After the talk he spoke with Mr. Demme who graciously gave him a small devotional he had written, which he autographed.  This was just one of the many highlights.

I very much enjoyed a few talks by Diana Waring, who writes  history curriculum which includes the curriculum What in the World's Going on Here?  We have many of her history CDs.  Years ago Holly was inspired by her messages and that's one of the reasons she chose history as her major.  I was happy to share this with Mrs. Waring and she said that really encouraged her to hear.

I am always so encouraged by these wonderfully, gifted speakers. It however, was neat to let them know how much they have meant to us over the years, even if it is only through their media. But to be able to tell them in person how much we appreciate them was really fun for me. And They appreciated hearing that. So if you get to go hear one of your favorite speakers in person, let them know how much you have been encouraged by them. They are human like us and enjoy being encouraged as well.

Happy Homeschooling!

Mr. Demme autographs his book for Matt.

Matt and his Math teacher, Steve Demme

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