Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What About Toddlers?

I had the wonderful opportunity of homeschooling while I had a toddler.  I know this is the adventure that many homeschoolers are now embarking.  Although it is a wonderful time, I can remember that it is also a stressful time.  Just as you get your older children ready to begin their school work, your toddler comes on the scene with many needs.  This is very normal.  My toddler had the tendency to climb up into the middle of the table to see what his brother and sister were working on.  I took this to mean that he wanted to be a part of it too.  And why not?  He was curious and just wanted to learn as well.  Children at this age have a brain like a sponge.  You just can't keep up with all that they are learning.  This is really a blessing.  I have found a great way to help a toddler learn is to involve him in everything that was going on.  If big brother is doing a lesson at the table,  little guy can join in with his own crayons and coloring sheet.  Pull up a high chair or booster seat and let him join in on the fun.  Or set up his own little table to work at with fun things to play with.

Another thing toddlers love is mixing and dumping.  This could be water, sand, rice or perhaps a baking project with mom.  Once the older children are busy, pull a chair up to the counter for your toddler to stand on and have him help you make a yummy snack for the family.

I am blessed to have a toddler around again.  My busy toddler is pretty much grown, and is in ninth grade.   But my daughter is a Nanny for our neighbor's two year old grandson.  She brings him to our house for lunch and other times of the day for a visit.   While my daughter and son study for a while, (my daughter is working on a history degree through College Plus! a post for another day), I entertain little guy for a short time.  Yesterday he was a bit demanding and wouldn't settle with his toys, so I told him to grab a chair and pull it up to the counter so that we could make some banana bread.  This thrilled him and so our adventure began.  As you can see it turned out to be a wonderful time for him, I had fun as well.  And he enjoyed eating the finished product.  It is wonderful to teach toddlers.  I just love it.
Happy Homeschooling!

Mashing bananas

Counting eggs while snacking on mashed bananas.



  1. How sweet! I have a toddler and a preschooler and have also found that the toddler really wants to do what big sister is doing, so I put them both at the table and do school together. Coloring sheets are great for the toddler, but she likes to listen to the stories and participate as much as possible. I really like how you engaged this toddler in the kitchen. That's something I did with my older daughter when she was a toddler but have yet to do with the current toddler...she's just a bulldozer and I fear for my kitchen. Thanks for the encouragement!