Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The High School Years

It's that time of year again to start looking through the catalogs and determining what we want to use to challenge us in another high school year.  This will be my tenth year of teaching high school, not to the same student mind you.  Because we are winding down our homeschooling, only three years left to go, I find myself wanting to do something different, challenging and educational, but fun.  I've been looking at blogs and websites to see if I could find anything new to use.  I have found that I am interested in the note booking style of learning.  This is a Charlotte Mason approach which is new to me.  I have used similar styles of curriculum over the years, but not so much in the high school years.  We tend to stick to the text books in high school.  Although this is important, in a way, it can be boring, and it takes away from my involvement except for correcting.  Since I don't wish to end our home schooling years on a sad note of boring and uninvolved, I really need to find a way to make it exciting and educational at the same time.  Another idea I have been tossing around is to use the Boy Scout's of America Merit Badge books.  This would also work nicely with note booking and for my son it would be a big benefit, for he is a Boy Scout.  These Merit Badge books are very nice and cover many topics. They provide the foundation for each subject and we can add on from there.
So these are some ideas that I'm working with.

What are some curriculums that you've enjoyed using in high school?

Happy homeschooling!