Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer's Last Days

These last few weeks of summer are just flying by.  I can't believe it's almost time to dig back into the school books again.  Here are a few highlights from this homeschooling family's summer.

Gardening; we have been gardening since March when we planted our first few seeds inside.  Not many of them made it into seedlings however.  Our tomato plants did not grow well, and our pepper plants didn't do very well either.  But all of the plants that went into our garden as seed or seedling, did very well.

Canning; We had quite an abundance of green beans this summer so many of them have been canned.  We have also canned pickles using the cucumbers that grew so nicely.  Zucchini pickles are all canned as well.   We still have a lot of tomatoes that are coming and will be used for salsa and sauces. 

Baking;  We used our zucchini to make zucchini breads and chocolate cake.  Yummy!  You'll have to check out my daughter's blog to get the recipe. Click here.

Trips; Matt had a wonderful week away with his Boy Scout troop.  The hiked in biked in Down East Maine.  They also went white water rafting.  If you'd like to read about his adventure check out his blog post on it. Click here to see his post.

VBS; what a fun time to spend helping our church reach out to the community.  We love the children and it is always nice to see their happy faces as they enjoy singing songs about Jesus, doing crafts, playing games and making friends.  This is a great opportunity for my children to serve others and they love it.

Painting; this is an on going project for me and not my favorite, but I was pleased to finish painting my dining room and kitchen a pretty yellow.  Now I'd like to stencil some sunflowers along the top of the walls.  I'll enjoy spending the school year in these rooms.

Barnyard;  although not as bad as winter, summer is a hard time on the animals too.  It is so important to keep up with their water and making sure that they are not getting too much sun or heat.  The chickens have been the target of a roaming fox.  Unfortunately we lost four to a fox and one to being egg bound.  The eighteen that remain are doing a good job laying eggs in spite of the heat. 

Friends; it's been great spending time with friends.  Cookouts and picnics are a big part of our summer.  We've enjoyed hosting and visiting friends and have enjoyed the wonderful foods that are always a part of summer.  Especially ice cream!

Every day has just been very busy.  We just keep busy keeping busy!  We're thanking the Good Lord for all He provides for us each day.  We'll be so thankful for the wood that has been cut and the food that has been harvested and preserved, when the cold winter days are upon us.  I'll look back and be anxious for the next summer to start it all over again.  I hope your family is enjoying a nice break this summer.  Or is the school year the break?  In my case I think so.

Happy homeschooling!