Saturday, October 27, 2012

Science Fair

We recently had a lot of fun participating in a science fair with our church's homeschool group.  The neat thing was that the age range was from first grade through eleventh grade.  The work put into the projects was excellent.  We had a small group of ten, but they really enjoyed themselves just the same.  I was privileged to be in charge of the fair this year.  We alternate what type of fair the kids have.  We've had a state fair and a country fair and this was the year for the science fair.  Since we have been homeschooling I have become a science buff.  I just love science, especially Creation Science.  I love nature, and learning about God's creation is just one of my favorite things to do.  So being the coordinator for this fair was something I really enjoyed.

I mentioned that the age range was from first through eleventh grade which could have made things difficult.  But amazingly it wasn't difficult at all.  The older students made their projects high school level and also young student friendly.  The high school aged students were very happy to help the younger students and showed interest in their projects as well.  Each project had a display board with the pertinent information about their topic, plus either a hands on experiment to try or a presentation to watch.  As they visited each table they had booklets with questions that they had to find the answers to on each of the boards.  In closing, each student received a certificate of achievement and a ribbon and then we all enjoyed dessert.

Have your children participated in any homeschool fairs?  If so I'd love to hear about it.

Happy Homeschooling!

Matt working on his pneumatic invention.  The bike pump filled the tube with air and lifted the  dowel.

Students and parents enjoy the solar system display.

Everyone enjoyed the electro plating experiment.

Matt's hydrolic and pneumatic display along with hands on fun.

Matt and Ryan try out Matt's pneumatic invention.