Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looking for Opportunities for High School Students

Has your schooling year been passing quickly?  I know that ours sure has.  The Lord has given us many opportunities this year and we've had a free enough schedule to take some of them up.  One of the wonderful opportunities Matthew has enjoyed in his tenth grade year, has been interning for a local Christian radio station.  We have been listening to this station  for about thirteen years.  The couple who manage this station are a former homeschooling family.  After my son contacted them, they graciously agreed to teach the radio merit badge for BSA to my husband's, and son's troop.  For many weeks the boys visited the radio operating headquarters.  They learned the ins and outs of running a radio station and how to record programs and commercials. They also learned all the technical stuff behind radio transmission, which was all over my head! After the completion of the merit badge Matthew was invited to help them out during the school year if he had time.  He sure made time, because radio broadcasting is one of his dreams.  He has had a great time, right here at home from the comfort of our own PC, making ads for the radio station, that includes the writing and recording of them.  We have now heard his voice in the ads several times on the radio, and this has been so exciting.

Matt learns how to record his voice for a radio advertisement.
I have shared in the past that we have been greatly blessed by the Lord for all of the experiences that we've been able to enjoy during our homeschooling years.  If you are having a difficult time finding ways to be involved in activities with your high school-er  just look around you and see who is out there to give you a hand.  Maybe your child loves books and would love to volunteer at your local library.  Or has a love of animals and you know a veterinarian who would give your teen some time in his or her practice.  In our town  police officers  welcome teens to ride along with them.  If you seek out the opportunities they are there.  My advice is don't be shy, people love to share their experiences and expertise with students, especially if that student is aspiring to become whatever that person specializes in.

Happy Homeschooling    


  1. Yes, that is so true. Our children have learned a lot from experts in different fields as well as from books.
    Opportunities abound; we just need to find them.

  2. Although we're not yet in our highschool years in our homeschool, this was still very helpful to me. What a great opportunity your son is getting!

  3. Thank you Annie Kate and Stacie for your encouraging words. I hope that even in the younger years you can find great opportunities as well Stacie.
    Blessings~ Jen