Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life, and that's School!

     We are embarking on a new adventure in our family; raising honey bees.  We are really "newbees" in this area, but we've been studying about how to raise bees for several months.  My husband and I have almost completed our bee schooling and in about a month the package of bees will arrive.

     Teaching what I have learned in class to my children, will be a great reinforcement of what I have learned as well.  I found several teaching tools online which include pictures, worksheets, word finds, coloring sheets and much more for students of all ages.  The National Honey Board has a booklet, designed for children, but can be implemented into a unit study for students of all ages.  I plan to use this to help educated my family in bee keeping.  It will be a fun family activity and will be a life skill that is school as well.  I'm sure I could use a dry text book to teach the biology of bees, but this will be a wonderful, hands on way of teaching from a real life situation.  Because life is the best education after all.  I'm looking forward to sharing our progress.

Happy homeschooling!


  1. Wow, Jennifer! Bee-keeping, huh? So that's what all the bee "pins" on Pinterest were all about! I certainly hope you share your experiences here because of course I haven't the slightest idea about bee-keeping. :)

  2. Yes Stacie. Pinterest is great for learning about new hobbies isn't it?
    We are totally new to beekeeping. So a lot of studying has gone into it. My husband will be the head beekeeper and the rest of us will help out. I can't wait for the honey!